Day 1 with blog

When I was a little schoolboy, I often spent most of my spare time sitting in front of my dad’s computer to see how the Microsoft Word program generates code when recording a macro. From these lines of codes, I taught myself how to use Visual Basic to program. Afterward, I wrote my first “Hello World” program. At that moment, I finally discovered my passion for coding. It had been gradually growing inside me before. Throughout middle and high school, I made dozens of mini-applications such as calculator, firewall, mini-games, media player, and so on. Until the day I went to the internet cafe with some of my close friends, I stepped into the World Wide Web where I could find everything. I started wondering how they could make their websites online for everyone to access from anywhere. Then, I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript through online tutorials. I saved money to register an internet domain. It is in 2010 that my first simple website went online. It worked! No words could truly express my feelings at that time. I wish I could be a web developer one day in the future.


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